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HAND WOVEN, FEMININE & WEARABLE: Q&A WITH ECOCHIC FINALIST BELLE BENYASARNHailing from Thailand, Belle was one of the finalists for the EcoChic Design Award 2015/2016. Her lineup of woven, contemporary Asian garments impressed the judges panel as her models walked the runway. With inspiration from English artist Barbara Hepworth and Japanese textile designer Reiko Sudo, Belle is well on her way to revolutionizing the fashion industry, one sustainable piece at a time. 

Read more about Belle’s experience below! 

What was your inspiration behind your collection for the EcoChic Design competition? 

I was inspired to create a collection by “weaving” in a sustainable way. Each design was developed through experimenting on what comes out of the loom after reweaving various types of waste fabric I found in a bag factory, including nylon bag linings, leather and luxurious silk warp. I tried to make sustainable fashion appealing by mixing in contemporary Asian aesthetics. 

What was your fa…
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ECOOLOGY FOR A BETTER WORLD: Q&A WITH ECO BRAND ECOOLOGYBarcelona based brand Ecoology is making strides for a greener future. They’re changing the landscape of the fashion industry by using organic materials and creating stylish pieces that’ll quench your desire to remain effortlessly chic. Dedicated to their work, this brand is everything eco conscious people can dream of. From tackling social issues to designing a new lingerie line, Ecoology is the one to watch for all your eco friendly needs. 

Learn more about Ecoology below! 

What is the inspiration behind your most recent collection?

It's all about feeling good in your own skin. Wearing clothes that make you feel good because they didn’t pollute the environment. People that love this planet, eco souls and smart characters are my inspiration. It's more about the lifestyle than it is about fashion. 

What is your thought process like when creating new collections?

I always keep in mind creating my pieces with sustainable fa…

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